Gmail mail Customer Service

Google takes the security of the Gmail users seriously. Hence, it provides many options to recover a forgotten password. A user is prompted to back up account information via phone or a secondary email address during registration. Gmail, also prompts regularly to provide updated phone numbers or verify the old number in order to have its backup options in readiness. Hence, it is important that a user sets the backup options with care.

Since the backup email address is used as a mode to send secure communication in case a user forgets the password, it is important that a user provides a valid secondary email address. Also, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the secondary email address is active and working. Understanding what kind of error has occurred helps one be prepared to tackle it. The error message displayed provides a glimpse of the type of error that has occurred.

Check the Error Message:

When the user logs in with the right username but a different password, the error message notifies there is a mismatch between the password and the username. If the username was deleted, a different error message is given. Depending on the error messages, the help links displayed may also vary. When the username itself is incorrect, ''Need help?'' link is displayed. For a wrong or mismatched password, the ''Forgot Password'' link is shown below the ''sign in'' button.

Proess of Recovering Password:

Resetting Password:

Once the user logs into the secondary email address, a follow-up link is provided by the Email support team. By clicking this link, a user can reset the password easily. It is recommended that the user sets a strong password.


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